Workshops & Seminars | BGI STOmics Introductory Tutorial (In Person)


Dr. Pedro Jing Tsong Teh

Senior Field Application Scientist (In person)

Dr. Liang Wu

Scientist, Institute of Precision Health
BGI Research (Online)

Mr. Xiaofeng Wei

Head of the CNGBdb Big Data Platform (Online)

Dr. Weiwen Wang

Senior Bioinformatics (Online)

1 December 2022, 1400 - 1700

MD1- Tahir Foundation Building (117549), NUS
Level 8 Computer Lab 1


FREE, but please pay a SGD50 deposit here and email us to reserve your seat. The deposit will be refunded to you upon the completion of the tutorial (online booking fee applies).


*Participants will receive a participation certificate upon completion of the tutorial.


BGI STOmics is a pioneer in advancing spatially-resolved transcriptomic analysis through its proprietary Stereo-seq (SpaTial Enhanced REsolution Omics-Sequencing) technology. Built on DNA Nanoball (DNB) technology, Stereo-seq offers researchers a novel tool to explore spatial biology with unprecedented field-of-view and resolution. Stereo-seq has been applied to many cutting-edge research projects worldwide. The initial results of these projects have been published in world’s leading multidisciplinary science such as CellNature, and Science.

China National GeneBank DataBase (CNGBdb) is a unified platform built for biological big data sharing and application services to the research community. As a biological data repository, CNGBdb has archived ~9 PB biological data (e.g sequencing data and assemblies), and millions of website visits every year.  Codeplot and Spatial Transcript Omics DataBase (STOmicsDB) are two essential parts of CNGBdb. CODEPLOT is a flexible computing platform, which allows users to analyse biological data without a programming background. STOmicsDB is a comprehensive portal curated and visualized >100 public spatial transcriptomic datasets. To facilitate users’ publication in the spatial transcriptomics field, STOmicsDB provides the spatial transcriptomic data archive and customed visualization of archived data.

This introductory tutorial will cover the introduction of STOmics and CNGBdb, including global adoptions, tools, databases and cutting-edge research projects.


  • 2PM -2:59 PM – STOmics Intro
    • Stereo-seq Workflow & Advantages
    • Spatio-Temporal Omics Consortium (STOC) research network
    • Stereo-seq Application in Oncology
    • Q&A
  • 3: 00 PM-3: 30 PM – CNGBdb intro
    • The introduction of China National GeneBank
    • The system design and data services of CNGBdb
  • Coffee Break 3:30- 400 PM
  • 4:00 PM to 5: 00 PM – Hands on
    • CODEPLOT Intro and Trial
      • Bioinformatics Minicamp
      • Open Access Databases
      • Workflow Description Language Development
    • STOmicsDB Intro
      • Spatial Data Visualization and Comparative analysis
      • Spatial Data Archive System and Standard
      • Collaboration with Data Submitters: Customizable Databases