Datathon | Format & Registration

Important Deadlines


Registration as individuals only (Registration closed!)

All local participants are required to register as individuals. There are two categories of registration:

  • Individual participants will register here. Deadline for registration is  25 Nov 2022. Individuals will be assigned to teams on 2 Dec 2022.

  • Team leaders (clinical or data) will be required to register here and submit their problem statement abstracts at the same time. Deadline for team leader registration is 25 Nov 2022. Abstract selection decisions will be released on 26 Nov 2022. You will be assigned teams on 2 Dec 2022. Refer here for abstract guidelines.

All teams for in-person events will be formed on 2 Dec 2022.


Registration as teams only (Registration closed!)

All international and online participants are required to register as teams as well as to submit abstracts at the same time. Deadline for online team registration is 25 Nov 2022. Abstract selection decisions will be released on 26 Nov 2022. Refer here for abstract guidelines.

Register here.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstract submission: 1 Sep 2022 – 25 Nov 2022
Abstract selection: 26 Nov 2022

Team leaders (clinical or data expert) can submit abstracts as an individual or as part of a team.

  • Individual team leaders whose abstracts are selected will be matched with registered data scientists on 2 Dec 2022 to form teams. Please note that you should still apply to gain access to datasets prior to 2 Dec 2022.

  • Teams should not reuse project problem statements that they have previously published or have already been working on for a long time, but instead to propose new problem statements for the Datathon. A declaration will be required during submission to assert the above.

All abstracts will be reviewed by our scientific mentor panel, who will evaluate abstracts based on the novelty and impact of the proposed problem statement.

Deadline: 2 Dec 2022

All teams must apply for (and obtain) access to the datasets that they intend to use before the start of the Datathon. Teams are only allowed to use public datasets that the event supports, as listed in the Datasets page.

Datasets come from a wide spectrum, and include Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) as well as clinical text-to-medical images. We will also support teams with cloud services to facilitate computation.

If you are applying as an individual, please ensure you have access to all datasets listed before 2 December 2022, when you will be matched to a team.

Physical teams will congregate and participate in the event at NUS ISS.
Virtual teams will participate in the event online.

Teams will be utilising available datasets to produce preliminary results to validate the feasibility and clinical impact of their proposed solution. 

For details program, please refer to the agenda page.


Presentations start on: 4 Dec 2022, 6PM (GMT+8)

All teams will need to prepare a 5-minute presentation by the evening of 4 Dec 2022 for the final judging. 

  • Local (in-person) teams will present to the jury panel directly at 1630 on 4 Dec 2022. All slides must be submitted by 1600 4 Dec 2022.
  • International (online) teams will be required to submit a pre-recorded presentation video and upload it into the Microsoft Teams Final Video Submission channel by 4 Dec 2022, 6PM (GMT+8, Singapore time). 
Late submissions and no submissions are automatically disqualified. 

Decisions are released on: 4 Dec 2022, 10PM (GMT+8). 
Please refer to this page for results. 

Teams are evaluated based on the following criteria: 

  • Clinical relevance and impact: how your solution may influence or improve current healthcare practice
  • Method novelty (not complexity)
  • Initial results
  • Next steps (a proposal for putting your plan into action)

Datathon Location

NUS Tahir Foundation Building (MD1)

12 Science Drive 2 
Singapore 117549