Workshops & Seminars | Using Intel oneAPI Toolkits (Virtual)

Kiran Kannappan

             HPC/AI Technical Consultant
Completed his Bachelor of Engineering from Bangalore University and Master of Engineering from IISC, Bangalore. With over 26yrs of work experience, he started his career as Design Engineer at Texas Instruments, and later worked in Xilinx, Intel, etc.
Presently he is working on Deep Learning and Machine Learning application development with focus on computation and performance. Strong working experience in various aspects of Chip Design from Concept to Implementation. Dabbled in various aspects of Modern Verification Techniques, Logic Design and Architectures. Various aspects of Hardware – Software interaction and trade-offs. High Performance Computing / Parallel Programming.
29 November 2022, 1300 - 1700

Zoom link:

Introduction & workshop on Intel oneAPI Toolkits for AI workloads with demo on Intel Devcloud


• Overview of oneAPI
• oneAPI toolkits
    o Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit
    o Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit
    o Intel® oneAPI IOT Toolkit
    o Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit
    o Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit
    o Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO
• Introduction to DPC++
• DPC++/C++ Compiler
• Performance libraries
• Intel® VTune™ Profiler
• Intel® Advisor
• Intel® DPC++ Compatibility Tool
• Training/Hands-on on Intel Dev Cloud/ Jupyter notebook-Complex Number Multiplication


Attendees are required to have basic understanding of parallel programming and experience with programming in C/C++

Learning Objectives: 

  • Overview of oneAPI —what it is, what it includes, and why it was created
  • Understand what oneAPI offers- components of the toolkits
  • Learn the fundamentals of DPC++ language designed for data parallel and heterogeneous computing through hands-on practice on Intel DevCloud Using Jupyter* Notebooks