Workshops & Seminars | Design Jam: Ethical AI in Healthcare (In Person)


Jason Tamara Widjaja

Director of Artificial Intelligence and Responsible AI Lead MSD International GmbH (Singapore)

Jason believes in working towards a better world through data and AI. A multi-disciplinary technology leader, Jason leads large and diverse artificial intelligence teams focused on AI technologies and products, including NLP, chatbots and virtual assistants, computer vision and machine learning. The team also includes an AI ethics and governance group focused on embedding the responsible use of AI in the company. A recognized thought leader, Jason has spoken in major international conferences and has been featured in the Business Times, TODAY and the Sydney Morning Herald. He actively contributes to multiple national initiatives including Singapore’s skills framework for data careers, Singapore’s AI Governance Framework, and is an author of Singapore’s AI Ethics Body of Knowledge. Jason spent half his career in Australia before relocating back to Singapore in 2016. Since then, he has been active in the local start-up ecosystem, as a co-founder of with his brother Galvin, and a mentor to AI startups in partnership with local venture capital firms in Singapore, and as the vice president of the AI & Robotics chapter of the Singapore Computer Society. Jason was on the Melbourne Business School Dean’s List for his MBA in 2010 and graduated from the same university with a second master’s in Business Analytics in 2015. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Computing from the National University of Singapore and a first-class honours’ in Business Information Systems and Human Resources Management from Middlesex University. In 2022, Jason was one of only two professionals to attain the highest level of the Certified AI Ethics and Governance (Expert) professional accreditation.


Pranav Joshi

Global Head of Experience Design and Engagement
MSD International GmbH (Singapore Branch)

When computer companies entered into the music world, they changed the entire music industry. When they tap into mobile world, we lost two giant mobile companies Nokia and BlackBerry, when they enter in wearables, watch companies are experiencing dark clouds. Now they are entering in Automobile and Healthcare and few Spartans are trying to save these industries, Pranav is one of them.
Pranav has been serving highly innovative digital solutions segment through the acquisition of new target accounts and current clients, since last 15+ years. From identifying strategic growth opportunities in the marketplace to providing direction and insight on key macro-trends in the new media sector, and diving in new digital solutions services is what Pranav is known for.
Pranav has provided creative solutions to fortune 500 clients like Google, IDC, HP, SIM, Knight Frank, Panasonic, Harvey Norman, Sony Mobile, Singtel, Singapore Airlines, Tera Data, Oracle. Building a bridge between start-up companies to potential market segment and creating brand awareness with a cross-channel partnership.
In MSD Pharma, Pranav is serving creative solutions as a UX Lead.


29 November 2022, 1300 - 1700

MD6 - Centre for Translational Medicine 14 Medical Dr, Singapore 117599, 
04-01A SMART Classroom

*Fully registered!!!


Free, please pay a SGD50 deposit here and email us to confirm your seat after registration. The deposit will be refunded to you upon the completion of the tutorial (online booking fee applies).

  • AI in Healthcare today – interactive talk led by MSD Artificial Intelligence and Responsible team
  • Deep Dive into the AI landscape with specific use case(s)
  • Design Jam, led by the MSD User Experience team
  • Group presentations
  • Closing

Key Learnings:

  • Gain knowledge of the AI landscape in Healthcare today
  • Explore Model AI Governance Framework
  • Hands-on application guiding principles to develop solution(s) to use case(s) – Example Human-centric principles to AI project(s)
  • Opportunity to interact with MSD expert teams