Workshops & Seminars | Building Your Own AI Medical Imaging Pipeline Workshop with NVIDIA (In Person)

Dr Mona Flores

Global Head of Medical AI at NVIDIA

Dr. Mona G. Flores is the global head of medical AI at NVIDIA, where she oversees NVIDIA’s AI initiatives in medicine and healthcare to bridge the chasm between technology and medicine.Dr. Flores first joined NVIDIA in 2018 with a focus on developing the healthcare ecosystem. Before joining NVIDIA, she served as the chief medical officer of digital health company Human-Resolution Technologies after a 25 + year career in medicine and cardiothoracic surgery. She received her medical degree from Oregon Health and Science University followed by a general surgery residency at the University of California at San Diego, a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stanford, and a cardiothoracic surgery residency and fellowship at Columbia University in New York. Dr. Flores also has a MasterofBiology from San Jose State and early in her career received an MBA from the University at Albany School of Business. She initially worked in investment banking for a few years before pursuing her passion for medicine and technology.

30 November 2022, 1000 - 1500

*NOTE: Registration closes on 26th November 5pm
*NOTE: Lunch will be sponsored by NVIDA


MD1- Tahir Foundation Building (117549), NUS
Level 8 Computer Lab 1

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* Lunch will be provided


Free, please pay a SGD50 deposit here and email us to confirm your seat after registration. The deposit will be refunded to you upon the completion of the tutorial (online booking fee applies).


Session 1 (Basic Track)  1000-1130 SGT

Theory + Hands-On

This session will firstly help participants get acquainted with the concepts of Deep Learning. Explores the biological and psychological inspirations to the world’s first neural networks, accompanied with a short hands-on tutorial. We cover how Deep Learning is being applied in the Medical Imaging field. We will introduce NVIDIA MONAI key components, enabling you to build your own Medical AI pipelines using this open-source project. You will learn how to leverage the simplicity and convenience of MONAI tools to build the entire Medical AI Model workflow, from Research to Clinical Production. Building A Brain in 10 Minutes! will be demonstrated via Collab as an example of workflow.

Key Takeaways

  • Basic Understanding of Deep Learning in Computer Vision
  • Understanding the math behind a neuron
  • Exploring how neural networks use data to learn
  • Overview of NVIDIA Medical Imaging
  • Key MONAI Components
  • End-to-End Workflow of a Model

Target Audience

  • Beginner Technical
  • Healthcare Team Managers, AI/ML Project Managers 

What is Needed

  • Laptop with Internet Connectivity


Session 2 (Advanced Track) 1300 – 1500 SGT


This session will cover the key component of MONAI; MONAI Core running on Colab environment. The goal is to accelerate the pace of innovation and clinical translation by building a robust software framework that benefits nearly every level of medical imaging, deep learning research, and deployment.

Key Takeaways 

  • Understand key methods for medical image data labeling
  • Understand key methods for medical image AI model training and optimization
  • Understand key methods for medical AI model deployment

Target audience 

  • Medical AI/ML Software Engineers, Data Scientists, 
  • Medical AI/ML Model Developers, 
  • Medical AI Application Developers, 
  • Medical ML/DL Ops Engineers 
  • Intermediate Technical 

 What is Needed

  • Laptop with Internet Connectivity
About MONAI Core

MONAI Medical Imaging is an application framework that accelerates the development and deployment of AI in medical imaging. Built for data scientists and researchers, MONAI Medical Imaging offers easy-to-use, domain-optimized tools to create high-quality, labelled datasets, collaborative techniques to train robust AI models, and an end-to-end software framework for scalable and modular AI deployments. As one of key contributor to MONAI Open Source Project, many of the NVIDIA Medical Imaging components are available to be adopted via the MONAI github codes.